Venus Teeth Whitening in Colton

We offer the Venus whitening system. In-office whitening can help give you the bright smile you've always wanted.

Our treatments are provided under the careful eye of our staff and sessions usually last about an hour. Patients should have a cleaning scheduled right before whitening treatment because the hydrogen peroxide gels must be distributed evenly on the surface of your teeth to be effective. We carefully monitor each patient ensure a comfortable and effective whitening session and we will also provide you with gel trays for use at home.

Things to know about our teeth whitening

  • Whitening in our office is more effective at whitening than at home kits
  • You will see the results immediately after each session
  • Most people don’t experience discomfort but we will watch over you for the rare cases of sensitivity
  • MI Paste can be used to minimize sensitivity after treatments during brushing
  • How much whiter a persons set of teeth can get will vary from patient to patient
  • Treatment can be customized to fit your coloring goals and sensitivity to whitening – the process is a gradual one
  • Patients with veneers or implants may not be good candidates for whitening because porcelain wont whiten like natural teeth
  • We will provide instructions on how to prevent staining your new, white smile