About Dental Crowns

A crown is used to restore a tooth’s function by covering it completely. It fully encloses the portion of your tooth that is above the gum line. Crowns can also be placed on dental implants. Crowns are custom made so they naturally blend in with the rest of your teeth shape and color.

Things to know about crowns:

  • With good oral hygiene and dental care, crowns can last between 5-10 years
  • Restores a tooth’s strength and durability by protecting it completely
  • Once permanently cemented only a dentist can remove the crown
  • Requires two in-office visits as the crown must be sent to the lab to be custom designed
  • It is best to wear a night guard if you grind your teeth as it will greatly reduce the useful life of your crown

Payment and Insurance Options

Our dental practice accepts most dental PPOs and our staff will help you check with your insurance provider to understand what your coverage looks like and your deductible costs. For patients without insurance we offer payment plans through CareCredit. We also offer an in-house dental savings plan!

Whatever your situation is we will do our best to help you understand your options and try and get you out of pain as soon as possible.