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Our Dental Savings Plan

Colton dental savings plan
One of our main goals at Colton Modern Dentistry is to make great dental care affordable. Our in-house Dental Savings Plan makes it possible for you and your whole family to have healthy mouths at an affordable price.
For our patients who don’t have dental insurance but want an affordable way to provide dental care for themselves and their families, our office offers an in-house dental savings plan. No deductibles, maximums or waiting periods!
You will get pricing for all services up front without any adjustments and without having to fill out any claims.
Our plan is valid for one year and it gives you two sets of cleanings, exams and offers you a 20% discount on all dental treatments. Add family members with the same benefits at a discounted price.
*Please note that this is not an insurance plan but a membership discount plan.
Dental Savings Plan Benefits:
Each member receives:
Annual Fee Only:


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